Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friday 10-16-09

Genesis 25

You probably remember the story of Esau selling his birthright, I'll help refresh your memory though. Esau goes out into the field because he was a "cunning hunter" he spends all day out there looking for something to kill he walks all over looking for some fresh tracks or something to give him an indication that there is some game out there. Well evening comes and he is so tired from walking all day in the heat and he walks in the door just beat, I mean he's whooped, well anyway he walks in the front door and smells something really good, as he walks into the kitchen he sees his brother Jacob stirring some red stew. Well to help make a long story short Jacob being the wheeler-dealer he was ends up selling that stew he was fixing for Esau's birthright, no big deal right? wrong if I remember right the birthright contained 70% - 90% of what the father had, and the remaining 30-10% was divided up among the rest of the sons.

If Esau had spent time investing in what he was going to inherit I doubt that he would have made the hasty decision he did to sell it. Think about it if he had laboured and put time into caring for the sheep, cattle, and the family affairs do you think he would have sold it all for a big bowl of stew?

Right about now you start wondering: wheres the personal application? Well it's this am I a Esau or a Jacob and I don't mean am I hairy, or am I a swindler I mean am I pouring myself into God's business, am I seeking to further his kingdom, am I doing everything I can to 'grow my inheritence' since I am a co-heir with Christ? Or am I an Esau who is content with the things of this world, and would throw away my inheritance for temporary pleasures?

It says in Genesis 25:24 that "Esau despised his birthright." By no means can we lose our salvation, however I do think that we can waste it. Am I comfortably saved in Sodom? or am I seeking salvation for Sodom?

Please pray for the Sunday school class God has allowed me to teach at Macedonia. I believe that God wants to use us to be witnesses of him here in our Jerusalem. Ask that God would truly burden our hearts with the souls of the lost, and that we would seek opportunities to share Jesus with others.

Fight the good fight of faith!