Monday, November 16, 2009

Why I believe that our Christocentrism portrays an asymmetrical Trinitarianism.

I believe in being Christ-centered, which at least in the way I view it is being gospel-centered. Let me explain what I mean by "Christ-centered". I believe that there is one God, made up of three parts, the first person (or the head of the trinity) is God the father, the second person is Jesus, the third being the Holy Spirit. To be Christ-centered (or being Christ centric) means to make Christ the central theme.

If you read the scriptures they seem to point to Christ. Take for example the first death in the bible, it was a picture of Christ's blood which was to be spilt for us, and his death that would purchase us life. The theme of the bible is the gospel which (at least for me) seems to give much credit to the belief of being Christ centric.

However let us look at another aspect of this. In John 16:14 we see that the Holy Spirit's job is to glorify the Son. In John 14:13 we see that the Father is glorified through the Son. Without the Son glory is neither given nor received. You see being Christ centric does not undermine the trinity it makes it glorious.

I do not in the least bit deny the importance of the Holy Spirit, or the Father. I believe that they are vital to the trinity, and the daily Christian walk. Let me explain each time I teach, preach or witness I ask the Holy Spirit to come and speak through me, I do not deny my need of the Holy Spirit to be able to do these things. Again when I pray I pray to the Father, just as Jesus taught us to and showed us to by example.

In closing I believe that a Christ centric outlook on the trinity leads to good hermeneutics, it leads to a proper outlook on the bible, and it leads to a right view of the trinity. I do not pretend to be some great theologian, or know all sorts of doctrine. However I do want to be "a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (2 Tim 2:15)