Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday 4-21-10

3 John 9 "I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not."

3 John 12 "Demetrius hath good report of all men, and of the truth itself: yea, and we also bear record; and ye know that our record is true."

These verses are very interesting, as I have read through first, second and third John in the past several days. You see as I have read each one, I see an element of God willing and working all things for His glory. Particularly as it speaks of God's love, and how His love changes the way we treat others and love them. It has greatly challenged me to review the way and reason I love. 

It has also more given me a more concrete vision for who God is, and why he loves me, and others. As I have read these passages many questions have flooded my mind. Why does God love me? Is my love for others truly from God? Why am I loving this person(s)? Am I fully relying on God's grace and love to love this person(s)? Am I loving this person(s) for God's glory? if not why? 

As I asked myself those questions and meditated over God's word, it has been like a light turned on in a dark room. 1 John 2:27  has proved it's self time and time again in my life this week. So no surprise when this evening as I read 3 John, God pricks my heart and teaches me more about His glory.

So unto 3 John verses 9 & 12. Basically the thought is very short and sweet, the man Diotrephes steals God's glory and seeks to assert himself as the authority, while Demetrius bears good report of the truth. Two men who were both in church, the context leads me to believe that both were leaders in their respective churches. Yet there was a fundamental difference between the two. Diotrephes loved men's applause, he loved to have the feeling of "power" and he wickedly used the church for such. While on the other hand we have less information about Demetrius, I think we can interpret several things about him. I believe Demetrius was humble and sought God's glory and not his own, I believe he lived out the gospel in that he was not self-seeking or hypocritical, and I also believe that Demetrius was a tested and trusted example, because John has no qualms about pointing to him as an example of righteousness. 

I am afraid that there are too many Diotrephes in the church today. Too many pastors and leaders whose hearts are not right before God. I do not want to be as such but rather as Demetrius who "hath a good report of all men,  and of the truth itself."