Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday 7-17-10

There was not so much a specific verse or passage, but rather I was reading in Leviticus (12-16). It became quite clear to me, that God did not give the law of the Old Testament to make anyone's life miserable. It was not as if God was attempting to suck all the joy and happiness out of the Israelites lives. Far from it, rather He gave the law that we might see and savor Christ Jesus. It is not as if God gave the law so that the Israelites could keep it, and so that the cross would not be needed. For the law was given to be our school teacher, to bring us to the cross. Yet so many are quick to throw away the law, once they come to the cross. 

In fact in so many, the law is looked down upon as if it was something bad. God doesn't give us commands like "flee fornication" or "treat the young women as sisters, in all purity," to make our lives miserable. God knows (for He created us as such), that the only thing which can satisfy us and bring us true joy is Himself. It is loving for Him to tell me to "flee fornication," because He knows that my wicked and deceitful heart is easily deceived.  I guess what I am getting at is that it is loving for God to want me to be 100% infatuated and completely sold out for Him. Because sexual immorality, money, cars, computers, entertainment, friends, anything and everything that this world has to offer, cannot and I say again cannot satisfy me. Only God can, and Father may I look only to you for joy and satisfaction. May all that I have and am be yours and be used for your glory.