Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday 7-26-10

Numbers 13-15

This text is so rich, and as I read it, it seemed that verse after verse was speaking volumes to me. From the spies various reports, to the peoples rebellion and wanting to go back to Egypt, my heart was convicted and stirred in numerous ways. Never the less I want to look at what I believe are three key character traits and values any leader needs, well any Christian leader that is.

First in Numbers 14 we see that God was going to destroy the Israelites and work through Moses to bring about His promises. But Moses speaks with God and reminds God of what He has already done to bring the Israelites this far. Moses keeps God's glory the center of his reason for serving and leading. It is central for any Christian leader to have a passion for God's glory in order to be able to truly and freely serve God.

Secondly, Moses believed God for what He said. When the various reports of the land, and the verdict came back that yes, it was a good land, but, no, the Israelites could not take the land. Moses faith in that God's promise did not waver, he remained steadfast that they should go in and take the land. It is crucial for a Christian leader to believe God, and stand fast upon God's word even when other contradict or discourage.

Thirdly, even when God made it clear to Moses that he would not be allowed to enter the promised land with Joshua and Caleb. Moses did not give up, or throw in the towel, because Moses wasn't just "in the ministry" (if I may use that term) for himself. It was not about making much of Moses, or seeing what all he could get out of it. Likewise it must be crucial for a leader to be one who has and does serve, to be one who is sold out for the kingdom of God.

May our lives make much of Him, and not ourselves!