Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday 8-13-10

"10 'Now behold, I have brought the first of the produce of the ground which You, O LORD have given me.' And you shall set it down before the LORD your God, and worship before the LORD your God; 11 and you and the Levite and the alien who is among you shall rejoice in all the good which the LORD your God has given you and your household." Deuteronomy 26:10-11

As I read this passage of how God wanted the Israelites to bring forth the first fruit's offering, I realized how crazy it was. Not that the amount they were to give was crazy, nor the way they were to offer it was crazy. But rather what was crazy was realizing how little they were offering! God had blessed them, just imagine how much land, and not just any land but some of the most fertile land in the world. There is no doubt that they did not lack food or crops at all. I have no doubt that they had an overabundance of crops, from wheat to grapes to corn to you name it they had it. Yet in verse ten all that they were to bring was "the first of the produce." If I remember correctly the first of the produce was supposed to be some of the best of the crop, and here God commands that part of the first produce be given as an offering. Why? Because He is worthy. That is enough of a reason, but I think it also served (and still does serve) as a reminder, a reminder of His provision, a reminder of His goodness, a reminder of our need for Him. 

As I read this I am convicted, I do not spend the time with God in the mornings that I need. Sure I get to read some of His word on the way to work, and I pray all throughout the day. But there is something about giving the first part of my day to Him, that brings out how much I need Him, that brings out His goodness, that brings out His provision. I need to spend the time in the mornings, on my knees in some focused and serious prayer. I need to dig into His word in the mornings, and have my heart set upon the things of God. I need more of Him each day and much less of me!

One last thing verse eleven, "and you and the Levite and the alien who is among you shall rejoice in all the good which the LORD your God has given you and your household." God has been good to the Israelites, He has brought them out from Egypt, He has given them a land unrivaled by any other. He has blessed them beyond belief, and He commands them to " the Lord." They had no reason to complain, worry or be anxious, God had provided and blessed in so many ways. Likewise I am blessed I deserved God's wrath being poured out on me for eternity, I deserved punishment and scorn. But thanks be to my Lord Jesus Christ! And God my Saviour, who spared no expense in sending His son in my place to die that I might live. I should not be complaining, or worrying, I should be trusting God and rejoicing in Him!


Hannah Marie August 16, 2010 at 2:20 AM  

Excellent thoughts, Samuel, that certainly apply to me as well. Thank you for sharing! :)